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Property Damage Insurance

Property damage insurance provides protection for damage to your business contents, buildings or stock arising out of unexpected or accidental losses such as fire, storm damage or catastrophes.

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Business Interruption Insurance

Business Interruption insurance protects the income of your business that may be lost when your business is interrupted and cannot operate. There are a variety of causes of interruption to small business in Australia, including: Fire and other property damage, theft, natural disasters, power outages etc.

Business Interruption insurance assist in getting your business back to the same financial position it was in as if the loss had not occurred. Business Interruption can also cover your business for any additional increased costs which result from the interruption of your business.

Machinery & Electronic Equipment Breakdown Insurance

This type of business insurance is designed to cover the cost of replacing a motor or component in a piece of machinery or the breakdown of a computer.

Once a machine or computer has broken down, the cost to repair or replace can be expensive, and in some cases it can be more than the machine’s or computers market value.

In other words, if you business relies on computers, machinery and equipment, a damaged part or breakdown could affect your business operations and in turn your bottom line.

Public & Products Liability Insurance

The Public & Product Liability Insurance protects your business in the event that you become legally liable for personal injury or property damage to a third party, as a result of an occurrence with your business operations.

Third party includes your customers, services providers, and members of the public, but not employees.

Money Insurance

Money Insurance covers the loss of or damage to your business’s money from a wide variety of causes such as theft, armed hold up or fire. The money may be in transit or at your business premises.

As a business owner or manager, you want to make sure your business is protected from loss of money. Not having your money insured can be a major loss to a business and having to replace the lost money will affect your bottom line.

Theft Insurance

Just like Money Insurance, theft covers the loss of your contents and stock from theft, attempted theft or an armed hold up.

If a burglary does occur on your premises, costs can accumulate quickly as a result of the loss of stock, contents or damage to your building as a result of the burglary.

Having the appropriate level of Theft insurance can ensure that your business can carry on running!

General Property Insurance

General Property Insurance covers accidental loss or damage to portable or valuable property such as tools, laptop computers or personal digital assistants which you usually carry around with you in the course of your business. The loss or damage can occur in Australia or anywhere in the world.

Glass Insurance

Glass coverage is an extremely straightforward type of business insurance, but if you operate from leased premises it is vital.

Glass insurance covers the fixed glass within your premises, regardless of whether it’s part of the building, such as windows and door, or your own fittings such as glass displays.

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