Aussie Vintage: 1975 Holden Torana

Steven Stasinos had always dreamed of owning an Aussie classic car and was particularly interested in Holdens which captured the golden age of Australian motoring. He had spent years searching for the right Holden and it seemed like fate had finally brought one to him.

Finding the 1975 Holden Torana

It all began when Steven’s brother purchased a property outside of Sydney. As fate would have it, the next-door neighbour happened to have a cousin who owned a 1975 Holden Torana LH on a farm just an hour away. Once a proud possession of another family, the car had seen better days many years ago. But Steven saw beyond the weather exterior. He saw the potential that lay within. So, with determination and a love for vintage cars, he set out to restore the Torana to its former glory.

Holden Torana for car car enthusiasts

Journey to restoration

Steven’s passion for classic Australian cars led him to embark on a journey of restoration for his Holden Torana. The process involved stripping away the car’s years of wear and tear, followed by a full bare metal respray to reveal its original beauty. Steven also installed a 9-inch differential and meticulously worked 304 motors to ensure that the Torana would not only look great but also perform well on the road.

To complete the transformation, Steven fitted the car with a brand-new interior that fits his style. He then installed a fibreglass body kit to replicate the iconic SLR5000 design, paying homage to the Torana’s happy accidental racing heritage. But perhaps the most striking feature of Steven’s Holden Torana was its paint. The entire car was sprayed in an electric shade of ultra-blue, turning heads wherever it went.

Today, the once forgotten and neglected classic beauty is lovingly restored to its former glory, a testament to Steven’s passion for Australian cars.

Holden Torana for car car enthusiasts

Inheriting a father’s passion

The Holden Torana though, held a special significance for Steven. His father had owned a handful of them when he was growing up, passing down his love for these iconic cars to his son. Now, Steven is continuing the legacy, keeping alive the passion for classic Aussie cars for generations to come.

Aussie heritage on wheels

Owning a 1975 Holden Torana LH is like owning a piece of Australian automotive heritage. It symbolises an era when cars were more than just transportation; they were a statement of style and motor power. Steven Stasinos’ passion for his Torana LH affirms the enduring appeal of vintage vehicles and the joy they bring to their owners. And when asked why he prefers older models, he says “I think all classic Australian cars are unique in their own ways, they all stand out from modern cars.”.

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