Kamal’s 1984 Ford Fairmont Ghia

Every classic car has its story, yet some stand out not just for their muscle power, but for their historical significance. Kamal Chatila’s 1984 Ford Fairmont Ghia ESP Turbo is one such gem.

This beauty isn’t your typical classic car. Produced by Ford Australia, this variant was significant for its enhanced handling and performance-oriented features, particularly its turbocharged engine. It’s both a sporty and luxury car, making the Fairmont Ghia a special set of wheels.

Spotting a rare gem

When Kamal was just 18, he attended Dyno Day, an event where car enthusiasts gather to proudly display their vehicles and the power under their hoods. It was there that he spotted the Fairmont Ghia and immediately felt he had to have it. “Never had I seen one that had a dealer fitted turbo on it,” he remarked.

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Lucky for Kamal, his find was in great condition. The original ESP Scheel seats and the fact that only 14 of these were made with a turbo variant made the car even rarer. So Kamal wasted no time and spoke to the owner. By the next week, they struck a deal, officially making Kamal the proud owner of the rare 1984 Ford Fairmont Ghia ESP Turbo.

Setting a new standard

Before the introduction of the XR6 turbo, now considered by some as a modern classic, Ford had another turbocharged model on the road, the XE ESP Turbo. Equipped with a 4.1 turbo engine producing 530Nm and 190Kw, it set new standards in 1983. The AIT turbo setup generated 65% more power at the flywheel than the standard non-turbo EFI motors, making for a thrilling ride.

This made the model so valuable that back in 1983, it would retail for almost $20,000. The AIT Turbo Kit addition also cost $4,000 which is no small price. Adjusted for inflation, that’s about $110,000 in today’s money. For enthusiasts like Kamal, however, the rarity and performance of this car make it priceless. “This car was the king of the road without question,” he remarked.

His 1984 Ford Fairmont Ghia, which has 150K kilometres on the clock, retains the original ESP Scheel seats and wheels. An intercooler was installed almost 20 years ago but other than that, most of the parts are original. It even has the extra compliance plate proving it was fitted with the AIT turbo setup.

The Fairmont Ghia is more than just a car

In a world of mass-produced vehicles, it’s refreshing to see classic car enthusiasts preserving and cherishing the unique pieces of automotive history. And in Kamal’s case, his passion extends beyond the rare Ford. He also owns several other Aussie and US muscle car classics, such as a 1967 XR GT, 1965 Mustang GT Fastback, 1961 Chevrolet Corvette, 1991 Corvette ZR1, and 1994 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster. However, it’s the 1984 Ford Fairmont Ghia Turbo ESP that he holds closest to his heart.

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