Camaro: Chris Evans’ Piece of Hollywood

Hollywood has its way of turning cars into celebrated icons. The Mini Cooper in The Italian Job, the DeLorean DMC in Back to the Future, the Dodge Charger in The Fast and the Furious, and of course the Aston Martin DB5 in Goldfinger. Chris Evans was just a kid when he watched on the silver screen the only car he’d ever want for the rest of his life. The 1975 film Aloha, Bobby and Rose featured a red ’68 Camaro doing doughnuts up and down the streets of nocturnal LA. The movie received rave reviews from moviegoers, but nothing beats the hype that the Camaro attained from car enthusiasts from its time in the limelight.

The Camaro Debut

When the Mustang was released in 1964, it caught everyone except Ford by surprise. It caused such a sensation that it soon became the car to drive. Naturally, this sparked a response from leading rivals to knock the Mustang off its high horse, but with what? Chevy had the rear-engine Covair, but that didn’t seem a good enough candidate for Ford’s new player. Then there’s the top secret “Super Nova” that Chevy had planned to start production, but seeing Mustang’s success, they needed something bigger and bolder.

So, with the go ahead to create a comparable car, Chevy was on a huge mission on a super tight deadline. There was no stopping them once it was all systems go, and within two years the 1967 Camaro Sport Coupe was in showrooms ready for the masses. The ’68 version looked very similar to the ’67 on the outside, except for some design updates. However, sales wise, the ’68 Camaro took the win with 213,980 units compared to the ‘67’s 205,812. That year, the number of Camaros registered shot up almost 500% than it was the previous year. Talk about a jump!

Chris’ 45-year wait

For young Chris, he walked out of the movies that day starstruck and in love, but it wasn’t Dianne Hull who caught his eye. As a car enthusiast, it was love at first sight when that ’68 Camaro burst onto the screen and for over 45 years, he waited patiently until he could one day call it his own.

It was one fateful day in 2014 when Chris’ feelings were finally reciprocated. Funnily enough, Chris didn’t even have to leave his hometown for a chance encounter with his long-awaited Camaro. A casual drive-in laidback Townsville and suddenly, as if fated, there it was; the iconic ’68 Camaro (and for sale!) that made Chris hit the brakes like never before. It had made its way from Miami, across the globe to Victoria, and then eventually to Townsville where it was quietly kept away until Chris got to it.

Eight years on and Chris is still the proud owner of his dream car. It’s even become somewhat of a celebrity within the community, with smiles all around whenever the Camaro comes into view. Chris has even chauffeured a group of kids to their Christmas party who were all grinning from ear to ear just being in the car. Seems like the story of Chris and his Camaro have found a happy ending.

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