Jason Peterson’s Muscle Legend

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Jason Peterson’s Muscle Legend

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We bet you could guess the car as soon as Jason Peterson’s 1973 Pontiac Trans Am flashed on your screen. If you grew up in the ‘70s, you may have easily been one of its numerous admirers whose dream was a chance to sit behind the wheels of the ride that would become a muscle car hall-of-famer.

Thanks to the 1977 hit film Smokey and the Bandit, the Trans Am’s reputation really skyrocketed at a global scale. We can’t say for sure if this is the spark that ignited the flame, but Jason’s childhood fantasy finally became reality when a casual online browse turned him from dreamer to immensely proud Trans Am owner.

The Car That Defied The Odds

American Muscle cars for sale

The early 70s was the golden era for the American car culture. Muscle cars raced in and out of the production line and there wasn’t a lack of choice for people wanting more power and metal-twisting torque from their vehicles. However, in 1973, muscle car lovers and automakers faced a speed bump when the insurance rates on these cars took a steep ascent and auto companies hesitated to continue with production. Muscle cars were also known to be petrol guzzlers and not the most economic option for the lower middle class.

All this plus the new emission controls set by the government a year earlier, Pontiac was about to pull the handbrakes on the Trans Am altogether. Despite the odds, they took the risk and went full steam ahead in building the 1973 Trans Am. To everyone’s surprise, the car was very well received and became one of the marque’s most popular models to date. A special version known as the Super Duty 455 projected Pontiac to even greater heights when it was dubbed “the fastest Pontiac ever”. With only 4,800 of the 1973 Trans Am made, this model is a rare gem to come by – and that is one of the reasons why Jason snatched it up as soon as he got the chance.

The Big Bird

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Jason recalls a time long ago when he was crushing hard on the Trans Am. It was in 1973 that the Screaming Chicken made its first appearance splashed across the car’s bonnet. With it’s tough-looking headlights and grilles to match, paired with the menacing screaming chicken, he is convinced that it is the “best looking Trans Am ever made”. In terms of modifications, not much has been done there, and most parts of the car are preserved in its original design from when it was first released. Jason has even kept it coated in Buccaneer Red, to the satisfaction of our purist readers out there.

The best part about having your dream car as your own is being able to share your passion with those closest to you. In Jason’s case, it is his two boys, who have had the rare privilege of sitting in one of the greatest muscle legends since they were only little ones. What a brilliant way to spur their interest in the classics – by starting em’ off young!

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American Muscle Cars

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