Mahir’s Hero On the Road

Mahir’s Hero on the Road

Starting a business in these unusual times is a bold move. Many wouldn’t be so brave to take that step (and with good reason), but for people like Mahir, it’s a risk worth taking. In December of 2020, Mahir broke out the champagne when he officially levelled up to owner operator status by launching his very own transport business.

First things first, no transport business is complete without a trusty rig to do the heavy lifting. So, which business partner did Mahir chose to help carry the load? It’s none other than the… Scania R560. A BIG choice, but we suppose that’s part and parcel of having big aspirations!

Nordic Strength

Meatballs and Ikea aren’t the only thing Australians celebrate coming out of Sweden. In the world of truckies, Scania joins other notable marques as one of the top industrial rigs around the globe. Its roots date back to the late 1800s, so there’s no doubt about its well-established reputation. It’s made quite an impression in the Australian market, and though it’s not as popular to catch on the road like a Kenworth, Mack, or Volvo, the Scandinavian company is still a familiar entity in the Australian trucking industry.

Rated as one of Trade Trucks’ top five Scania trucks, the R560 is without a doubt a mighty presence to drive alongside. Dubbed the ‘hero’ version of Scania prime movers, the R-series has been recognised as one of the best premium trucks available in Australia. Our friends on the other side of the world share the same sentiments, having presented the R-series with the ‘Truck of the Year’ award in 2010. What makes it even more special is that there are only about 50 units in service around the country! So, if you catch a Scania on the road, you know you’re looking at a very special rig!

Keep On Keeping On

For owner driver Mahir, it’s all about keeping the ball rolling and getting the job done, even when times are proving difficult. The transport industry has not been untouched by Covid, but thankfully business is going steady for this entrepreneur. Despite only being in operation for a little less than a year, he’s already picked up compliments and pats on the back from customers.

“Receiving appreciation for the work we have done during Covid period was the most memorable for me”, he says. “Usually truck drivers don’t get this from customers”.

This silver lining, though small, is a world of difference for Mahir and his new business. Well done, and welcome to the Ryno family!

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