The Great 1934 Ford Coupe Hot Rod

Rob Lange is no stranger to the world of extraordinary classic rides and has been restoring cars and bikes since the young age of 15. Though Rob’s teenage years are well behind him, his teenage fascination for classic rides remains unchanged. As you can imagine, Rob has seen quite an impressive number of classic beauties during this time. His first car was a Ford GT V6 Capri, and today, he is a proud owner of a 1934 Ford Coupe Hot Rod in tangerine orange. When you have a car this bright, it better have the personality to match, and the 1934 Ford Coupe Hot Rod wear its vibrant coat extraordinarily well.

Elevated Look for a Classic Ride

Many car enthusiasts would agree that you can’t go wrong with a classic Ford and the Ford 3 Window Coupe (Ford Model 18) is no exception. In 1932 Ford launched their Model B cars, marketed as Model 18 and was a clear upgrade to its previous sibling, the Model A. The spanking new Model 18 got a longer wheelbase and an outward curved, double-dropped chassis which gives a slightly sleeker appearance to the vehicle. It also rocked a flatter grille with a wider surround and fewer bars, straight hood louvres, two handles on each side of the hood, smaller headlights and cowl lamps, and a reworked logo. The bare metal dash insert was replaced by painted steel. If looks could kill, this Model 18 was going to be in a lot of trouble.

The new Model 18 gave motor enthusiasts 14 different body styles to choose from, with the Roadster, Coupe, Tudor and Cabriolet being amongst the most popular choice.

Smooth Criminal

For passionate motor lovers who are curious about what’s under the hood, the Model 18 did not disappoint. Fitted with the new flathead V8 engine, the Model 18 was known as the Ford V8 in its prime years. It cultivated many die-hard fans and outperformed the Model A and its competitors, who had a similar build.

Some would say that the Model 18 was one of Henry Ford’s greatest inventions and an engineering triumph. The Model 18 did indeed mark a significant achievement for the American automotive industry as it was the first V8 car to be mass-marketed at a low price point. Being assessable to a vast market, the Model 18 shaped the characteristics of the American dream car: tough, powerful and soft sprung. No wonder the infamous bandits Bonnie and Clyde used it as their getaway car!

With most returning World War II soldiers having gained militarised mechanical skills from working on aircrafts and belly tanks, their new skill kick started a hobby of tinkering with cars. The Hot Rod trend became extremely popular and continued well into the 1960s. Ford was undoubtedly a favourite amongst the Hot Rodders. The Roadster and Coupe body styles were highly sought after, and today, seeing a Ford Roadster or Coupe that is not modified is rare.

Unquestionable Beauty

Rob Lange spotted a 1934 Ford Coupe Hot Rod for sale over eight years ago and couldn’t resist the temptation to add to his collection. “Who doesn’t love a 3-Window Coupe Hot Rod!” Rob quoted. The Ford Hot Rod was unfinished, and Rob saw a world of opportunity to make the extraordinary classic ride better than ever before.

The ’34 Hot Rod came equipped with the following excellent features:

  • A Chev 383 V8 engine
  • A Blueprint 4 bolt mains block
  • Scat 383 stroker rotating assembly
  • KB Flat top pistons
  • Custom grind camshaft
  • Edelbrock alloy heads match ported to the tunnel ram manifold
  • 2 x 465 Holley 4BBL Carbys
  • MSD Ignition
  • Block hugger headers

Bringing home the ‘34 Hot Rod, Rob couldn’t wait to get his hands dirty. Rob gave the Hot Rod a little love through some diff and engine modifications and, of course, a vibrant coat of fresh paint. His hard work on the restoration did not go unnoticed, Rob’s Hot Rod had won some trophies under his ownership, and he couldn’t be prouder of the masterpiece that he has sitting in his garage.

Unbelievable Drive with the Ford Coupe

There’s no denying the ‘34 Hot Rod is an unquestionable beauty, but it is also an unbelievable drive. When Rob discovered how well the Hot Rod drives and handles, he immediately knew that his new ride wasn’t made to sit still and look pretty. He was going to take her on many adventures, ones that will create priceless memories to come.

Rob and his best friend set out on a road trip from Melbourne to South Australia in his ‘34 Hot Rod to attend the Renmark Rod Run. ‘34 Hot Rod had no trouble making the 17-hour trip, and Rob and his best friend had no trouble enjoying their comfortable ride, as comfortable as you can get during a 17-hour road trip! Unfortunately, Rob’s best friend is no longer with us today, but the memories they made together will last forever and is still one of Rob’s favourites.

Rob is not planning to add more rides to his collection any time soon but knowing our motor enthusiasts and their love for classic rides, we can never say never.

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