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Frank Evans’ Dutiful T401 Giant

You might be thinking that this gentleman here looks a tad familiar. Well, you’re not wrong. If you head over to Ryno’s brand new website, you’ll see good ol’ Frank Evan beaming away from the centre of your screen. Looking good, Frank!

Frank’s one of Ryno’s newest clients. He’s his own boss and with his trusty companion, a 1999 Kenworth T401, the duo transports goods and tows trailers across Brisbane. You might have even seen them on the move – they’re undoubtedly hard to miss! Decorated across the large curtain canvas is a nature-themed scenery of blue and green. We’re pretty sure it’s the only one of its kind splashed across a prime mover too! Who said you couldn’t get creative with rigs?

On the road

Frank’s line of work keeps him on the road for long hours across far distances, making the life of a subcontractor a calling for a selected few.

“I’ve liked it from the time I was a little fella growing up on a farm and just being able to see over the steering wheel.”

He’s come a long way from peering over the steering to now manning an over 70 tonne prime mover! Being an owner driver, one of the more important decisions you can make is choosing the right rig for the job. When Frank purchased the T401 back in 2005, it had already done over two million kilometres with its previous owner! That may sound like an unbelievable distance to just about anyone, but to a truckie, it isn’t anything to shout about.  

Now on its second engine and with already 1.1 million kilometres in the bag, Frank’s T401 is still hot on its wheels. The condition of the truck is very much in the original condition that it was purchased. Aside from a new set of chrome rims, Frank prefers to keep things to a minimum by maintaining simplicity and always making sure his ride is in tiptop condition.


When you’ve got a ride like a Kenworth, you know you’re in good hands. Whether or not you’re a truckie, that name will definitely ring a bell. Founded in the early 1920s, Kenworth trucks are the blueprint that set the standards for many of its succeeding prime movers, both within and outside of the brand.

A pioneer of its time, Kenworth marked several firsts for its truck production, namely first truck produced with a standard diesel-fuel engine, first truck to feature a raised roof sleeper cab, and first heavy-duty truck with an aerodynamically optimised body design. Breaking an automotive record is the Kenworth W9000 which has been continuously in production since 1961 – the longest production runs of any vehicle in automotive history.

Sounds like Frank Evans chose from good stock!

Surprise on the hood

Being an owner driver, Frank Evans has got the luxury of being his own boss. “The thing I like most about my work is that once you leave with a load you have the freedom to do the job you want, the way you want to, as long as you get the job done properly.”

Having been on the road for close to 40 years, you could say Frank has seen it all. However, there have been moments where even he is lost for words. One interesting encounter he vividly remembers was when a lady who clearly had too much to drink staggered out from a bus stop and climbed onto Frank’s truck using the bulbar. “She just stared at me through the windscreen,” recalls Frank. “I had nowhere to go but luckily a bloke just as drunk came and dragged her away.”

We’re glad she didn’t climb through the window otherwise there’d be serious delivery delays! (A PSA to everyone reading that you should always wind up your windows, especially at traffic lights.)

While Frank’s not looking for a new road buddy any time soon, that’s not going to stop him from making his truck look road-ready for those that he meets while on the go. So, if you’re lucky to see Frank and his T401 prime mover out and about the streets of Brisbane, give him a smile and a friendly toot (but maybe refrain from climbing the bulbar).

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