Maintenace Tips to Keep Your Truck in Top Shape

Your truck becomes your trusty companion when you spend long hours on the road. However, trucks require TLC and regular check-ups to stay in top shape like any good companion. Here are essential truck maintenance tips to improve your driving experience and your ride running smoothly. Schedule preventative measures Taking a proactive approach is better…

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The Holden Statesman fondly named Migaloo

Holden Statesman Migaloo

Much like the famous white Humpback that travels the East coast of Australia, this beautiful Holden Statesman has quite a story to tell. Owners Skye and Scott weren’t looking for a new project, but as many great restoration stories start, fate forced their hands in more ways than one. On the hunt for an external…

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Entertainment for Truck Enthusiasts

Entertainment for truck enthusiasts

When you spend days working hard, it’s important that you take your well-deserved breaks. Unwind and get comfy in your favourite chair. Enjoy a movie or power down with a podcast. And if you can’t get enough of truck-related content, even in your down time, we’ve got you truck enthusiasts covered! Shows Are you interested…

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Thrifty Rides: A Guide to Buying a Used Car

Looking for a new set of wheels on a budget? This guide will explore every aspect of buying second-hand cars in Australia. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to find your perfect ride! Research the Best Seller When you are planning to buy a car, it’s important to start by researching different dealerships to…

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