Kamal’s 1984 Ford Fairmont Ghia

By Ryno / 17/05/2024 /

Every classic car has its story, yet some stand out not just for their muscle power, but for their historical significance. Kamal Chatila’s 1984 Ford Fairmont Ghia ESP Turbo is one such gem. This beauty isn’t your typical classic car. Produced by Ford Australia, this variant was significant for its enhanced handling and performance-oriented features,…

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Stay Safe for Less: Strategies for Lowering Costs of Commercial Truck Insurance

By Ryno / 29/04/2024 /

As a truck owner, you’re probably aware that truck insurance is more expensive than personal auto insurance. However, there are ways to reduce costs. In this article, we’ll explore strategies to lower coverage costs so you can stay safe on the road without going over budget. Why insurance costs soar for commercial trucks Insurance premiums…

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Aussie Vintage: 1975 Holden Torana

By Ryno / 02/04/2024 /

Steven Stasinos had always dreamed of owning an Aussie classic car and was particularly interested in Holdens which captured the golden age of Australian motoring. He had spent years searching for the right Holden and it seemed like fate had finally brought one to him. Finding the 1975 Holden Torana It all began when Steven’s…

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Maintenace Tips to Keep Your Truck in Top Shape

By Ryno / 16/02/2024 /

Your truck becomes your trusty companion when you spend long hours on the road. However, trucks require TLC and regular check-ups to stay in top shape like any good companion. Here are essential truck maintenance tips to improve your driving experience and your ride running smoothly. Schedule preventative measures Taking a proactive approach is better…

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Holden Statesman Migaloo

The Holden Statesman fondly named Migaloo

By Ryno / 10/01/2024 /

Much like the famous white Humpback that travels the East coast of Australia, this beautiful Holden Statesman has quite a story to tell. Owners Skye and Scott weren’t looking for a new project, but as many great restoration stories start, fate forced their hands in more ways than one. On the hunt for an external…

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Entertainment for truck enthusiasts

Entertainment for Truck Enthusiasts

By Ryno / 11/12/2023 /

When you spend days working hard, it’s important that you take your well-deserved breaks. Unwind and get comfy in your favourite chair. Enjoy a movie or power down with a podcast. And if you can’t get enough of truck-related content, even in your down time, we’ve got you truck enthusiasts covered! Shows Are you interested…

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Thrifty Rides: A Guide to Buying a Used Car

By Ryno / 24/11/2023 /

Looking for a new set of wheels on a budget? This guide will explore every aspect of buying second-hand cars in Australia. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to find your perfect ride! Research the Best Seller When you are planning to buy a car, it’s important to start by researching different dealerships to…

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Camaro: Chris Evans’ Piece of Hollywood

By Ryno / 24/02/2022 /

Hollywood has its way of turning cars into celebrated icons. The Mini Cooper in The Italian Job, the DeLorean DMC in Back to the Future, the Dodge Charger in The Fast and the Furious, and of course the Aston Martin DB5 in Goldfinger. Chris Evans was just a kid when he watched on the silver…

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Jason Peterson’s Muscle Legend

By Ryno / 23/11/2021 /

American Muscle cars for sale in Australia Jason Peterson’s Muscle Legend American Muscle cars We bet you could guess the car as soon as Jason Peterson’s 1973 Pontiac Trans Am flashed on your screen. If you grew up in the ‘70s, you may have easily been one of its numerous admirers whose dream was a…

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Mahir’s Hero On the Road

By Ryno / 26/10/2021 /

Mahir’s Hero on the Road Starting a business in these unusual times is a bold move. Many wouldn’t be so brave to take that step (and with good reason), but for people like Mahir, it’s a risk worth taking. In December of 2020, Mahir broke out the champagne when he officially levelled up to owner…

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