The Aussie Bullet Sports Car


Aussie Bullet

"The Bullet is definitely a head-turner and many would agree it has made its own mark in the Australian automotive industry."

At first glance, this sleek looking sports car looks like your standard Mazda MX5; but there’s more to it than meets the eye. This car is one of 26 units ever built and would be one of the first few roadsters modified from its original form by the renowned Bullet factory. It’s a truly unique car to possess, and owner Robin Storey has the honour of being it’s first ever registered driver.


Established in 1998 as a kit car manufacturer, it didn’t take long for the Bullet company to build a name for itself specialising in performance upgrades. They’ve taken the base and exterior of the legendary Mazda MX5 and replaced everything within it to create the high-performance Roadster SS.

Of its many extensive refurbishments, those to take note include the lightweight and stronger tube chassis, a modified and refined Supercharged V8 engine, Brembo brakes, and KONI adjustable suspensions.


The pre-production prototypes between the years 2000 and 2002 became the Roadster and Roadster SS. The Bullet was nominated for an “Australian Design Award” and became the first to comply with Australian Design Rules (ADR), making it the first low production locally-made sports car to do so.

These cars came at a hefty price with just the base model starting at approximately $100,000. Despite the sting in its cost, Bullets are still much admired by car enthusiasts that enjoy a good kick in their drive.


Robin’s got a keen eye for cars and has several widely popular ones under his belt, namely the XWGT, XTGT, and the Pontiac Trans Am. He also had an earlier model of the Bullet, so he’s no stranger to its showmanship.

His current Bullet, purchased in 2014, has not had any modifications made to it. Robin is impressed by its power and handling and its ability to accelerate from 0 to 100 in just under 5 seconds earning the title of Australia’s fastest production Supercar in 2003.

With limited units ever to be made and the distinguishable roar of its engine, Robin has no doubt this Aussie pride will one day become a true collectable. “Handling is exceptional and open-roof driving is the ultimate [experience],” he beams.
The Bullet is definitely a head-turner and many would agree it has made its own mark in the Australian automotive industry.

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