Classic Chevy


Classic Chevy

When you think of American cars, the Chevy comes to mind

Even if you are not remotely interested in cars but spotting a '57 Chevy is easily identifiable. Having both performance and great looks, the '57 Chevrolets were immensely popular and they still are. The moment Joseph saw the '57 Chevy, he knew he'd own it.


The headline describes it all. Did you know, the first Bel Airs of this era shared only their front sheet metal ahead of the A pillar panel with the rest of the range? The windshield, doors, glass, and trunk were common with the Styline DeLuxe Convertible Coupe. However, the roof, rear quarters, and rear windows are uniquely designed.

It makes more sense to why the '57 Bel Airs are well-maintained examples, especially Sport Coupes and Convertibles. They are highly sought after by car collectors and enthusiasts!

Pictured: Joe's classic chevy; the dream machine!


Until today, the '57 Chevrolet Bel Air is still his dream machine. The restoration work of his ride took approximately 3-4 years after it had been in a museum for about 35 years! The car had the right mix of style, performance, and an appealing price tag which he couldn't say no to.

Joseph loved the wheels and stereo sound system of his Chevy. He knew that his cool ride was exactly in line with modern fashion and design… It was the height of the Chevy line-up! This machine would charm drivers everywhere whenever it's out on the road.

Since purchasing, Joseph's ride was equipped with the performance of 400cid engine. The Chevy is roomy, tastefully restrained with its smooth and flat paint - it's no wonder that this machine has captured Joseph's attention.

Pictured: This machine would charm drivers everywhere, whenever it's out on the road.


"The reason why I bought this Chevy was that I was due for a new one. I have had a similar one before, but it's good to have a change and… it felt great!" claimed Joseph. Previously, Joseph had other classic cars under his belt such as the '72 and '75 Holden Torana, Holden HT and HX Monaro, including a '55 Chevy. Impressive, huh? It's indeed more than just a collection!

Today, the '57 Chevrolet is known as the ultimate "Classic Chevy". As a matter of fact, the '57 Bel Air is among the most recognisable American cars of all time! This Bel Air runs and drives beautifully without any handling issues, odd noises, or fluid leaks.

Pictured: Having both performance and great looks, the '57 Chevrolets were immensely popular and they still are!

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