Return Of The Millennial Ford Falcons


Ford Better or For Worse

You've heard of his and her towels, mugs, and even jewellery; but this may be a first for you - his and hers Ford Falcons.

The stunning duo you see here belong to Anthony and Chrisy Haber, a husband and wife team with a supercharged enthusiasm for Falcons. So of course, what better way to celebrate one another than with a pair of FPVs? For Chrisy, the show-stopping 2012 Falcon GT GT-P, a homage to her Ford Fairlane heyday, and for Anthony, the fast and furious Falcon RSPEC. Both vehicles joined the family at different times, having landed into the hands of the Habers in second-hand conditions, but there's no doubt these two will ride together for a long time coming.


The launch of 2012 GT was no quiet affair. The new kid on the block was the first supercharged V8-powered GT in the Falcon's 43-year history. Boasting 335kW of peak power and an impressive 570Nm of turbo torque, drivers are spoilt for choice with four variants - the GS, GT, GT-P, and GT E.  And even better? The cost to own one is much more affordable compared to similar cars from Audi, BMW, and Mercedes, with a range between $60,000 to $83,000.

You can't unleash a new GT without first upping the ante on its technology. The new 335 kW engine was the brainchild of a $40 million program by Australian-based company, ProDrive, a leader in FPV organisation at the time. Inspired by the Coyote V8 found in the contemporary American Ford Mustang, the base of this new FPV engine was brought in from the United States and then put together by hand using top grade Aussie-made components.

The drive does not fail to impress either, regardless of what driving appetite you have. It's perfectly adaptable as a city car and will oblige you the short drive to the shops without any fuss. However, plant your foot on the accelerator and you're just asking for it. The power that roars to life is instantaneous and the GT-P will happily show-off what it was designed to do. It's a beautiful drive on cruise mode, with the hum of the V8 filling the interior with its muted beat. Not to anyone's surprise, fuel consumption of the GT-P isn't the most efficient, but that isn't a deal-breaker.


If there's a worthy cruising partner for the GT-P to ride alongside, it's the GT RSPEC. FPV engineers nicknamed it "The Panther", and the public soon chimed in. A limited-edition model, the RSPEC had only 350 units manufactured, making this something of an experience if you ever manage to catch one on the road. The wow factor of the Panther is, of course, the 5-litre supercharged V8 engine, making it Australia's fastest accelerating car ever produced. Initially tagged at 335kW, actual engine outputs were close to 420kW, with many production models hitting 330kW at the rear wheels during tests. Chrisy has even fitted her GTP with the RSPEC, giving her Falcon the same turbo power to zoom down the quarter mile alongside her husband.


Being husband and wife with the same taste in cars reap its own reward. When asked what she loves most about the couple's Falcons, she replied, "There are no arguments between [us] as we both have matching V8 supercharged [cars]!"

And if you're going to have matching red and black vixens, then all the more reason to show them off together side-by-side. The couple enjoys taking the twins out for cruises and car meets where they receive lots of looks from fascinated passersby.

But we know this won't be the last we hear from the Habers. Under wraps are two more Falcons that are currently being restored and dressing up for their debut. One, a GT XY Ute that once belonged to Chrisy's father, and the other a GT Wagon. No news as to when these Ford classics will be ready, but until then we've got the twins here to keep us busy.

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