The PanteraItalian Steed


Italian Steed

With a Cleveland heart.

Like most enthusiasts, Paul Cibotto had a mental collection of cars he was dying to own and enjoy. Back in 2010, Paul found a run down but honest 1974 De Tomaso Pantera online and just couldn't resist.


Since making the purchase, she's been fully restored inside and out with like-new full custom interior and powertrain! The spec sheet is impressive with a unibody construction, four-wheel power disc brakes and independent suspension and billet steering. Ford's 351-cubic-inch Cleveland V8 was mounted midship, mated to a five-speed ZF transaxle with a gated shifter.


The Pantera was a sports car produced by the De Tomaso company of Italy from 1971 through to 1996. The word 'Pantera' is Italian for 'Panther'. The car was designed by Tom Tjaarda and replaced the De Tomaso Mangusta. Unlike the Mangusta, which employed a steel backbone chassis, the Pantera was a steel monocoque design, the first instance of De Tomaso using this construction technique. The Pantera also stops as well as she goes. Disc brakes are used all around and the power assist is standard equipment.


The basic layout of the Pantera is very efficient. Most importantly, there is enough room in the cockpit for two average sized adults. A six-footer has plenty of headroom, his knees won't be around his ears and he can stretch his arms and square his shoulders without feeling like he is in a one-man submarine. Nevertheless, it's definitely worth the squeeze!

Her elegant look, practical engine, fantastic performance, and the guarantee that similar cars won't be seen around the corner - the Pantera is a desirable acquisition for the right enthusiast!

With a beautiful motor compartment and slick black paint, everything on this car just works! It is rare to come across a Pantera this nice… If you want to get some attention, all you need to do is go for a ride in this baby. You'll have a flock of people following you!

Paul has enjoyed a multitude of different units throughout the past few years, with an appreciation for drag cars, pro mod cars, a Custom Pro Street Chopper and a VN Group A (genuine).

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