Story of Nicholas the Rover

“He really has a personality of his own that you can experience just by looking, touching, and driving him.”

Colin and Karen Moss are mad about their Rovers. It’s no question why as they are great cars indeed, and with Colin as the Co-Founder and President of the Rover P5 & P6 Owners Club in Australia, their lives practically revolve around the Brit classicca. A random chance upon a 2000TC was spotted for sale, and a week later the 1970 Rover classic became one of two P6s in their garage. The arrival of Nicholas, as he is affectionately dubbed, meant life for the Mosses would never be the same again.​

English Pride

The P6 dates its origins back to 1963, built with the intention to attract a wider buying market than its predecessor, the P4, which went all the way back to 1949. Younger and affluential working class individuals were seeking a car that was between the standard 1.5 litre and 3 litre saloon car class. Interestingly, the inspiration behind the revolutionary P6 came from across the English Channel. So unique was the Citroen DS19 with its futuristic shape and modern appeal that Rover referred to it for key inspiration when creating the blueprint to one of its more popular cars.

The design of the final product was a game-changer for the British marque. The 2000 was powered by a new four-cylinder overhead cam-engine with a single carburettor; the TC boasted dual carbs. Another feature in its list of innovations was the de Dion rear suspension with inboard disc brakes, making the P6 one of the first genuinely mass-produced cars to have disc brakes on all four wheels. The P6 also introduced a range of safety features such as standard seatbelts and huge gloveboxes that doubled as crash knee pads under a full-width dash rail. The drive itself is considerably comfortable and maintains well at high speeds, a rally success

The Special Brit

Rovers have made a mark in Colin’s life since his childhood years in the UK. The Rover P6 patrol car back then left a lasting impression on him and was the igniting spark of his unwavering ambition to one day own a P6 himself. The Mosses’ first P6 was an incredibly rare and highly sought after 1973 Rover 3500S that they’ve affectionately named Miss Almond. While they weren’t actively looking for another classic car, the 2000TC was a hard car to pass up, mainly when it was in near perfect condition and no rust in sight.

Vastly underrated and reasonably rare, the 2000TC won the hearts of Colin and Karen, and a week after the viewing they brought it home and gave it a new name; Nicholas. Though he was well preserved, the duo decided some upgrades and modifications would add to his charm. Four period Lucas spotlights were sourced, restored, and fitted along with period Lucas light covers.

Rear-facing Lucas reversing light was mounted, conforming to the Monte Carlo Rally specs of the late 60s and early 70s. The interior was fitted with a “Brent” rally trip computer, timing clock, and a 1970s two-way CB radio. Colin also had the bonnet restored and repainted to satin black as per the Rover Works Rally cars of the day. To top it off, customised Monte Carlo rally stickers were applied on the bonnet and boot for that race-ready look.

Classic Car Insurance

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