Monaro HJ

The Magical Monaro HJ

Those familiar with the Holden Monaro know that it’s not just your average Australian muscle; it’s a magnificent ride with tons of merits to flaunt.

The Holden Monaro, named after a region in NSW, is a testament to its true Aussie spirit. This dream car entered the market in 1968 with the HK model, the Monaro made its mark, and motor enthusiasts couldn’t get enough! The Monaro series soon evolved to include the HT and HG models in the first generation of production from 1968 to 1971.

Production of the Monaro again expanded in 1971 to include the HQ, HJ, HX and HZ models in its second generation of production. Holden then took a 2-decade break from the Monaro before entering the 21st century with two new models, the V2 and VZ, from 2001 to 2006.

There’s no denying that the Monaro has successfully established a strong presence in the automotive market throughout the decades and is still highly regarded today. Proving its worth, a rare Holden Monaro HT was sold at Lloyd’s auction for $715,000 in June 2020, making it the most expensive road registerable Australian Holden ever to be sold at an auction.

From the Bottom

Despite the high sale price of the rare Monaro HT, it’s the Monaro HJ Coupe that is considered one of the rarest mass-produced cars. Having one of these beauties in your garage is a dream come true. However, the story of how the Monaro HJ Coupe came into its rarity is not so glamorous.

The 60s and 70s were the golden eras for muscle cars, and the 4-door sedan trend was at its peak. To put it simply, if you bought a car during the 60s and 70s, it had to be a sedan. Because of this, the Monaro HJ Coupe was discontinued in 1975 due to falling demand.

But what seemed like a failure turned out to be a blessing in disguise many decades down the track. The Monaro HJ Coupe is now highly sought after due to its rarity and exceptional performances.

Famous Monaro

The appeal doesn’t just end there. Not only is the Monaro HJ Coupe a rare find, but it has also made its way into fame by appearing in several print advertisements during its prime years. Recently, it has made an appearance on a popular Australian TV show called “Underbelly”, which got many motor enthusiasts excited.

As we’re on the topic of famous Monaros, it’s only fair to mention that Wes’ own Monaro HJ Coupe had also made an appearance on the big screen. Spotted in an ABC series starring Richard Roxburgh called “RAKE”, Wes’s bold Monaro HJ cannot be missed. ‘Jean’, the Monaro can be seen in the first minutes of the first episode in the first series. The Monaro HJ’s minutes of fame was undoubtedly one of Wes’s favourite and proudest memory of his car.

A Motor Enthusiast’s Love Story

The story of Wes and his Monaro HJ is the definition of the popular quote: “if you love something, let it go; if it comes back, it’s meant to be”.

First spotted in 2004 on the Australian Muscle Car Sales, Wes was immediately drawn to the car’s bright green coat, and of course, its rarity. Naturally, he booked in an inspection to see it and sitting pretty right before his eyes is the 1975 Monaro HJ Coupe. Wes could immediately picture himself cruising down the street in his shiny new ride.,

However, his daydream was cut short when the asking price ended up being over his budget. Wes moved on and kept searching for his dream ride when months later, he got a call from the owner, who offered to sell his Monaro for half of the original asking price. Wes soon became the new owner of the Monaro HJ, and he couldn’t be any happier. When asked what his dream car is, he replied, “I have her”.

Bringing the Monaro home, Wes has not had to undergo any restoration work to the car as it’s already in immaculate condition. Wes’ Monaro HJ comes with a loud and powerful 5.0 litre 8 cylinder engine, and Wes himself stated that one of the features he loves most about his Monaro HJ is how it sounds.

The Monaro HJ is also equipped with Turbo-Hydramatic 400 Automatic Transmission and Hydraulic Power-Assisted Ventilated Discs & Hydraulic Drums for the brakes. Packed with many great features and more, no wonder the Monaro HJ Coupe is Wes’ dream car. We are sure there will be endless adventures for Wes to enjoy in his dream ride.

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