Trusty Holden


Trusty Holden

"It isn't perfect, but she is my pride and joy and I love driving her and [watching] people's head turn."​

If you've ever owned a classic Holden, you'll know what a sturdy car it proves to be. Karyn Voysey grew up with the trusty Holden, and endearingly calls herself a "Holden girl" through and through. So, what do you do when one of your must-have cars appears for sale on Gumtree? You grab it of course.


It's the 1970s and Holden has just released a newer version succeeding the existing HK-HT series. The Holden HG was designed with the intention of making refined adjustments based off the specs of its predecessors, which includes a three-speed Tri-Matic automatic transmission; and that means a much shorter acceleration time for drivers.

Being an Australian made car and coupling it with an all new transmission did allow GM-H to be cost efficient while fully maximising local content. Nonetheless, it was still a car that contended well in the market against American imports and many in the country found themselves flocking to get behind its wheel. The HG cabin was revolutionary in the sense that it showed Holden's willingness to meet market demands for improved passenger safety.

The top of the dash now had a protective layer of crash padding and is significantly sloped away from the passengers' knees. Three-point front seat belts were installed, and Holden became the first local brand to introduce a collapsible steering column.


For Karyn Voysey, her love for the Holden spans all the way back to her early childhood days. "My family have always been Holden lovers, so I suppose that's why I love Holden," she recalls. "My Dad owned several HT's when I was younger, so I have always wanted a HK, HT, or HG". It's not hard to see why the model was so popular with families of the time. Early television ads celebrated the car as one that'll give you a run for your money without compromising performance and style. Furnished with 3-seater bench seats both front and back and enclosed in a 4-door sedan body type, there's plenty of room for everyone on board.

One day in 2017 (and much to Karyn's delight), a casual browse online turned fruitful when she stumbled across the HG Sedan on Gumtree. The beige and brown colours of the Kingswood belonged to its original design, and so was the leather interior which was preserved in near-perfect condition. This was a pleasant surprise given that it had carried five previous owners, one of them being "a lady who stored it for 20 years". Karyn did little to restore the HG to its former glory, merely touching up with new venetians, white walls and painted the engine for that new-car feel.

Picture: Near new. Karyn made minor touch-ups to get her Kingswood looking fresh again.


It's only been a little over a year since Karyn's return to the Kingswood, and every drive has been a memorable one. "It isn't perfect, but she is my pride and joy and I love driving her and [watching] people's head turn". Of her more memorable experiences, one of them would be attending her first car show. It was then she realised something for the first time; knowing that she was the one behind the wheel and not just a passenger in someone else's car.

And what better way to top this off than with the number plate that started it all? Positioned for everyone to see is the exact same number plate her father had all those years ago. She says, "… it makes me feel like he is with me every time I drive her". We love how Karyn's story came full circle and how the Holden proved itself once again to be a trustworthy mode of transport.

Pictured: Karyn with her big brother Stephen, standing beside their father's Holden HT. 

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